"The researches of so many eminent scientific men have thrown so much darkness upon the subject that if they continue their researches we shall soon know nothing."

- Artemus Ward

“If you aren’t confused about health and nutrition, then you haven’t studied it long enough or deeply enough.”

- Matt Stone

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meeting Matt

Matt Stone is one of the the brash and iconoclastic young men of the nutritional blogosphere. I've been a follower of Matt's for years and witnessed his various morphings from one eating pattern to another. But I can understand that. I've morphed a lot myself over the years, as witness the quote from Matt I have in my blog's header. I fully realize that the more and more I learn the less and less I feel I know.

I don't always agree with Matt. In fact I often don't. And as one of my friends says, nutritional advice from a young and healthy man, based on what works for him, is not likely to be of much help to a metabolically-damage post-menopausal woman! :-)

Sure he's worked with other people, but so have others out in the blogosphere, so I read lots of different blogs. But Matt's, whether I'm following his current advice or not, is always sure to entertain.

So after all the time of following his blog it was great fun to get to meet Matt tonight, as he is spending the night at my son's house in Jacksonville Beach, passing up on his way further north for Christmas. In person, at least in the persona presented to me, he was a very polite and almost reserved young man. But he mentioned some upcoming events that sounded interesting, and I'll have to try to keep my ears to the ground for more details.

In other news I attended the holiday pot luck dinner of the St. Augustine Art Association and I brought these  as my pot luck contribution, and I have to say they were so awesome it was hard not to keep them all to myself! I didn't bother with any maple syrup. They were excellent just as is.