"The researches of so many eminent scientific men have thrown so much darkness upon the subject that if they continue their researches we shall soon know nothing."

- Artemus Ward

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- Matt Stone

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Protein shopping at the supermarket

Today happens to be unusually nice - though nasty weather is expected in tonight and through Wednesday at least. Grrr. I'm ready for winter to be do done. But as long as the sun was out I decided to run up to Whole Foods to buy one of my guilty pleasures - Applegate Farms hotdogs, made from organic grass-fed beef. While I was there I ended up going on a protein buying binge, picking up a bunch of my other faves they had in stock. I got three packets of grass-fed ground beef, three of my fave Wellshire Farms center-cut bacon, two packs of hot dogs. I got some blue cheese made locally from raw milk from Jersey cows, and raw-milk cheddar. Kerrygold butter was on sale for about the same price I pay at Trader Joe's, so I got some of that too. They had the Skytop organic grass-fed heavy cream, so two of those jumped into my cart, and I decided to try to Skytop plain whole-milk, cream-top yogurt as well.

They also had mascarpone cheese on sale for Trader Joe's prices as well, so I got two of those also. I love mascarpone. A spoonful or two of that is a total dessert. There, even if the weather is as nasty as they are predicting, and the roads get icy as I fear they may, I should have plenty to keep me going for a while. I came home and cooked some bacon in a skillet, then in the bacon grease (supplemented with some coconut oil) I cooked up some chopped up onion. When the onion was browned I added in the grass-fed ground beef, and when that was all browned I added in some Trader Joe's Three Cheese Tomato sauce. Yum.

I bought a great tripod to use with my new spotting scope, which I tried out a week or so ago, and it was great. I wanted to get back to the Meadowlands or the Kearny Marsh to use it again, but didn't get moving fast enough today, and the next few days are out. Oh well, at least I did get a little birding trip to Rifle Camp and Garrett Mountain today.

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