"The researches of so many eminent scientific men have thrown so much darkness upon the subject that if they continue their researches we shall soon know nothing."

- Artemus Ward

“If you aren’t confused about health and nutrition, then you haven’t studied it long enough or deeply enough.”

- Matt Stone

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Well, I'm back from 2 1/2 weeks in North Carolina and Florida. I had a nice visit with my sister, and really enjoyed Christmas with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. John is as cute as they come and getting cuter every day as he learns more and more.

So the holidays were great, but I ate too much, and too much of the wrong stuff to boot, so back to mindful eating again now. This morning I made sweet potato pancakes for breakfast and had them with bacon. Yum, will definitely makes these again!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

1 smallish sweet potato (about the size of a Valencia orange, the one I had weighed 116g)
1 egg
2 Tbsp peanut flour
pinch of sea salt
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
dash of nutmeg

Mix all ingredients except water with a stick blender. If the batter seems too thick to pour well then slowly add a little water to get to the right "pancakey" consistency. Then cook on a griddle as you would any pancakes. I cooked mine in the grease from my bacon. Smaller pancakes are best for maximum flipability. Serve with fresh butter and whatever else you like. I use Kerrygold butter made from grass-fed Irish cows! Yum.

I've felt great being back on track with my eating, more energy, etc. I went to DeKorte Park yesterday to try out the AWESOME Christmas gift my son and DiL gave me -a spotting scope.

I quickly learned that the tripod I already had at home was no good for this use - not tall enough, not sturdy enough. I got a backache from stooping to look into it, and it was shaky and wobbly, and panned very jerkily. A fine tripod for indoor use with a camera, but NOT great for bird watching with a scope. So that was a learning experience, and it was a great day anyway.

I saw quite a few birds, including the northern pintail below, and the scope, even with all the faults of the tripod, helped me ID several birds, including a belted kingfisher, group of white-throated sparrows, and two birds who posed obligingly and turned out to be starlings!


  1. I've been on the hunt for more sweet potato recipes, and this looks good. Did you grate your sweet potato first, before using the stick blender? Or was it pre-cooked? I can see either working, though I guess it would have to be pretty finely grated to cook through in a pancake....

  2. LOL, you're right, I should have been clearer. The sweet potato had already been cooked, so that it blended smoothly.